Thursday, September 6, 2007

Post Your Comments

If you have read my book, please feel free to post a comment here.


Annie said...

Hi Mary, This is my first day at your blog.....I JUST got your book, have only gotten to page 32, but enjoying it immensely ......Wish there were more picture of your boat and more posts by you of your life on the water.
Like, where are you right now, land or water, ....
We live and sail in Harrison Hot Springs, B. C. we have a 45 mile long lake with lots of little bays and coves to explore, not quite like the ocean, but we enjoy it a lot. We're looking for a houseboat right now. Your boat sounds wonderful.......
Wish I'd gotten to your blog before the posts were deleted!
well, I'm going to get back to this book......are you planning a sequel?
Happy Holidays to you, wherever you are!! I think its a brave and wonderful adventure you have gone on!! All the Best!
Ray and Annie Wolfe

bunnymusic60 said...

I am in the process of reading your book and loving every minute of your exciting life (even though you might think it exciting). But I am very upset that it was published without any photos of Shady Lady. Would you please post some on your website? I am an old computer typesetter who used to set type for books in NYC (I'm old now) and I envy your trip. You are just like I wish I could be. Please let me know about any photos that might be available of Shady Lady, especially the inside!
Bunny Music


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