Friday, February 29, 2008

From Power Cruising, April 2008

“Many people have written books about chucking their stressful careers and moving aboard a boat. Most of these are amateurish travelogues that fail to inspire or touch the reader. Not so Mary South's THE CURE FOR ANYTHING IS SALT WATER (a quote from Isak Dinesen). This is an honest, open, wonderfully written story of personal discovery, in which the author embraces a relationship with boats and the sea, using her new perspective to reexamine relationships with friends and lovers, past and present.”


Mickey Ramirez said...

Loved your book. Your writing is joyous, poignant and uplifting. Hurray for you !

I didn't do anything quite so heroic, but I did start sheep ranching at 55 years of age, never having any experience with livestock at all. My sheep are a rare four-horned breed. I love them !


sp said...

would love to see some detail photos of Bossanova.

mariner2 said...

Hi Mary,
Taking a much-needed break from pitching "The Swordfish Hunters" to literary agents and picked up "The Cure...". Wow!

Your story grabs the reader with such enthusiasm and gusto from the very first sentence that you hope this book never ends. Thanks so much for sharing.

For the Ocean,
Mary M Hamilton


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